Revolution In Russia

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Revolution in Russia

During the Russian revolution there were many Czars that changed the ways of the Russian government. For instance, Alexander lll, Lenin, and Stalin. They each had a different viewpoint as to how Russia should be ruled. Alexander lll believed in an autocracy government, while Lenin fought for a communist government, and Stalin led a totalitarian state. Each of these Czarists led Russia during the different time periods and events of the Revolution. Life under the rule of Alexander lll was harsh. Alexander halted all reforms but continued to hold onto the principles of autocracy like his grandfather. An autocracy was a form of government where the Czar had all the power, and anyone who worshiped other churches, questioned his authority, or spoke another
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There goal was to gain and hold political control so they could eventually change the government to go by communist outlooks. During the November 1917 Revolution, the Bolsheviks took control over the provisional government, officers, and arrested former leaders. When the Bolsheviks took control, some of the Russians saw their effects as too much change. These Russians were known as the Mensheviks, who wanted only some change. The opposing viewpoints of how much change should be occuring led the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks into a Civil War. The Civil War ended with a victory for the Bolsheviks that proved they could not only seize power, but maintain it. Due to Russia’s population and diversity in culture the Bolsheviks decided to take Russia and split it into Soviets, many self-governing republics, that would work together. Russia was now called the U.S.S.R, United Soviet Socialist Republic. Russia and the Bolsheviks were being ruled by Lenin at the time. Lenin established the control of the communist party that was based on socialist and democratic
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