Revolution: The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a major turn point in American History. The main question is what started this revolution? The seven-year war caused the Parliament to reconsider their primary revenues to be more beneficial to their large national debt. The rioting and rebellions started from multiple acts being implemented on the colonists, whom did not approve these laws. They came up with multiple acts such as The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Townshend Act to possibly reverse this tremendous amount of debt. The Sugar Act is debatably the most important act to prompt The American Revolution. Biologically, sugar effects the brain very dramatically than what they knew around the 1700- 1900’s. When sugar is in your bloodstream the body reacts the same way as if…show more content…
While it was an indirect tax, the colonists were still knowledgeable of its happening. Colonists, especially those affected directly as merchants and shippers, that the new tax was the major culprit for their economic struggles. Which made for the Act's repeal began almost immediately, and protests against the Sugar Act at first focused more on the economic impact rather than the constitutional issue of taxation without representation.

The Sugar Act of 1764 was immediately shut down, disrupted trade between the American colonies and French and was one of the laws that accelerated, and ended with, the American Revolution. The British reacts to this resistance to create the stamp act not knowing all of these acts following the Sugar Act would be rebelled and cause the American Revolution.
Of course the British Parliament thought other acts and ideas would be different but they received the same results. Yes, it was one of the very first acts, but The Townshend act really started the rebellion to where colonist retaliated. By taunting the officers and which caused the Boston
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