Revolution : The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious Revolution that occurred in 1688 to 1689 was a bloodless revolution in England that was a turning point in modern history. The true glory of the revolution was that it contained no massacre and that a settlement by consent was reached on the religious and political differences that had divided parties for ages. A thinker during the time, John Locke came up with new models and inspirations for the evolving concept of government. Locke argued that power came from the people, not from a divine right to royal rule. Kings should therefore be restrained by institutions that protected the public interest, including certain general rights to freedom and property. Therefore. a more democratic form of government known as a limited monarchy replaced absolutism and at the same time limited its power by the 1689 Bill of Rights. The revolution established the supremacy of parliament over the crown that set Britain on the path towards constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy (Maurice, 2017). The king and queen became figureheads, when before they were absolute monarchs. In 1660, when Charles II was on the throne, Englishmen were uncertain about the Stuarts and suspected him of Papal tendencies and absolutists learnings. Charles II did not adhere to Parliament since he had favoring alliances with Catholic powers in Europe. When Charles II died in 1685, Charles was succeeded by his brother James II, Duke of York. The Whigs, a parliamentary group did not want a
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