Revolutionary Era Intellectuals

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Revolutionary era intellectuals attempted to create a new American culture by defining the foundations of a great republican government, stressing the need for a national language, and outlining the basis of a republican education system. Cultural views in the 21st century still value some of the core beliefs of the revolutionary era intellectuals but most values have been reshaped throughout history.
The foundations for a republican government aimed to create citizens that contribute to the government and uphold republican values in everyday life. After the revolutionary war and the ratification of the Constitution, George Washington suggested the foundations of the new Republican government. The first step in developing a great nation is
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In 1768 Benjamin Franklin developed a new alphabet and way of simplifying English spelling. In 1789, Noah Webster published his Dissertations on the English Language in dedication to Benjamin Franklin. Webster argued that a national language would bring national unity. With a simplified version of the English language children would be able to learn to spell with almost no trouble, and would retain the information throughout his or her life. The simplification of the language and ease of learning would allow every rank of persons in the United States to speak with some degree of uniformity, “which would remove prejudice and conciliate mutual affection and respect” (Kornfield, Pg. 106). Webster also argues that a national language would bring mutual respect from other nations. He states that an individual must respect themselves before earning the respect of others. The creation of a national language in the United States promotes self-respect; therefor gaining the respect of other nations. Webster’s vision for a national language would eliminate barriers between American citizens, establishing respect for their country and respect from other
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