Revolutionary Mothers By Carol Berkin

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Revolutionary Mothers The American Revolution is arguably the most important battle that we as a country have ever taken on. Through this war, we grew together as a country and as Americans. This country was founded through the help of thousands of people of different races and gender. In the novel Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin, the author discusses the role of women and how their various accomplishments are often looked over in the history books. Through the progression of the novel, Berkin details various events that highlight women’s efforts through the course of the revolutionary war. The contributions of women were necessary and helped weave the fabric that is our country. The American Revolution occurred for various reasons. One of the main reasons it began was because of the taxation of various goods coming in and out of the country. Many, if not all, colonists opposed these taxes imposed by Britain, which led to rebellions and boycotts throughout the colonies. American women were some of the first protesters because of the fact that they consumed many goods. For example, the boycott of the Stamp Act directly affected women. Berkin discusses how many brides declined marriage proposals from their fiancés who stamped their marriage license. This shows how devoted women were to give up marriage in order to protest the tax that they vehemently disagreed with. Throughout the many years of the revolution, most husbands and sons were off fighting the war
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