Revolutionary Mothers Summary

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During the American Revolution, men were often thought to have been the only ones to fight and participate in the war. While men were the majority that fought in the actual war, women were left to tend to all of the duties left by men, as well as, their own duties. Women were the backbone of towns, farms, and other businesses during the war. The book, Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin, shares the stories of what women went through during the Revolutionary War. Carol Berkin writes about what all the women, no matter what race or political beliefs, went through during the war, and how these women handled the war. The book, Revolutionary Mothers, tells of the hardships women of the revolution had to go through in order for life to go on. The book tells of what Patriot, Loyalist, Native American, African American, and American women went through while the men fought. It tells you about what happened when the British invaded the farms and houses of the Americans, and what happened to women. The author describes the stories of women whose husbands fought on the Patriots side, and the husbands who fought for the Loyalists side. Also, it shows you how the roles of the women in society changed throughout from an obedient housewife to protector of the family. While this book can be read by anyone wanting to learn about history, feminists would be the people most interested in reading, Revolutionary Mothers. Feminists would be deeply interested in this book because it tells you
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