Revolutionary Mothers Summary

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Revolutionary Mothers Book Review Revolutionary Mothers. By Carol Berkin. 2005. P.194 The book Revolutionary Mothers, by Carol Berkin is a truth telling and eye opening experience for the reader that shows how the fight for America’s independence affected the role of women. The book reveals the unknown side of women during young America’s first major war, the Revolutionary War. It portrays the very important role women played during war despite the fact that war brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into their lives. Women’s lives changed drastically during this time period. Many women would have to take over their husband’s normal work, such as running the family business, farm, or plantation. Women would often open their homes to soldiers allowing them to sleep in separate rooms or beds. They would also take in the wounded and help aid them back to health. Homes would also be raided by the British, taking and doing whatever they pleased, during this event women would try to hide themselves and their children to ensure their safety. The woman had to cope with the hard truth that they may never see their husband again after the Revolution. Some women would go to war supporting their husbands becoming what was known as a camp follower. Not all camp followers were soldiers’ wives. The role of camp followers included cooking, washing, sewing, finding supplies, and nursing soldiers in need. Some very brave women even participated in war first hand on the front lines. These
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