Revolutionary War Essay

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How the Revolutionary War Begun Following the French and Indian War, or otherwise known as The Seven Years
War, Britain was in major debt as with many countries after war. On the other hand the Colonies were thriving from trade and agriculture. At the end of the war the parliament in
England had no organized plan to reduce the enormous debt they had bestowed upon themselves. Financing the French and Indian War had almost doubled the national debt. The parliament had stumbled into the beginning of the
Revolutionary War without even knowing it. They were looking in an entirely different direction when the colonies exploded with a rage that eventually turned into the
American Revolution. The Seven Years War 's outcome also affected the
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They objected to following these new duties because they had long acknowledged as legitimate. In the second place the sugar act reduced the duty on a gallon of molasses by 50%. The only thing was that mechanisms were put in place so they could collect the duty and the American shippers were forced to pay it. Objections were heard to the sugar act because it was said that it was revenue not regulation and so was illegitimate. the stamp act was legitimate . The tax was laid directly on the colonist purposely for raising revenue .
What the tax did was mak! e most papers illegal by making all legal documents have to have the particular stamp assigned to the nature of the document. It was forced upon documents, newspapers and pamphlets. In England that
Stamp tax was a part of daily life and was collected without a hassle, but the American colonists did not take it lightly and protested it emphatically. Even the Loyalists protested the tax. The Colonies even formed a congress called the Stamp
Act Congress that protested daily in parliament against the stamp act. Angry mobs crowded streets and tarred and feathered many of the tax collectors. This all brought back the old suspicion that most tax collectors and officials were not collecting for the royal treasury but for their own pockets. Also they were enraged that it was Parliament that enacted the Stamp act and not the local legislature and thus began the phrase,
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