Essay on Revolutionary characters

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The excepted social theory of civilization’s social process was made by the scientists Adam Smith, John Millar, Adam Ferguson, and lastly Lord Kames. This social theory was that there were many levels of civility in a society. These levels were hunting, pasturage, agriculture, and commerce. One example of the first level which is hunting is the the Native Americans. The excepted social process is that a country was to go through all of these levels by starting out on hunting and eventually the society would mature and work its way up to the point of being a commercially based society. Now this process helped shaped the colonies culture of “civility” because the colonists were never hunters. When the colonists got to the North America…show more content…
One in particular that sticks out of this list is candid. Especially in todays politics there are very few leaders and politicians that are honest and candid. Today we find many leaders lying and making false promises to the citizens just to be elected or in our present day case reelected. I guess one could say that the original principals that this country was technically founded on are not being fallowed by todays leaders in americas. The founding father’s also played a gigantic role in the social culture in America. The social culture in America was very unique at the time. When you are born in America you are not already put into a social class. There is an equal opportunity for each and every person. And the role that the founding father’s had played in this was being the people who wrote the constitution which says what we can or can not do also known as our set of laws. It says in the constitution that all men are created equally which socially speaking there are not any nobles there are not any serfs or lords there are just citizens. But what happens to slaves? Well in Thomas Paine’s common sense he says that the government should protect a citizens property and in the Southern colonies slaves were a part of their own property. But if all men are created equal then how can a man be another man’s property. The founding father’s had decided and played a large role in the social culture of The United States but however
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