Revolutions are usually described as “radical” events. A “radical” event is defined as one that

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Revolutions are usually described as “radical” events. A “radical” event is defined as one that greatly changes the political, cultural, social, and/or economic nature of a society. I believe that the American Revolution was a radical event that dramatically changed our society. There were many impacts to the changes such as slavery, primogeniture, the Articles of Confederation, republican motherhood, and government. This was the time in life, that we as America gained our independence from Britain. The American Revolution is what shaped our world to become what it is today. A great big societal impact of the Revolution was slavery. The Revolution opened up the idea of equality in America. Slavery started to die down after the…show more content…
The removal of the Loyalists helped level out society and gave others the chance to own land for their selves. After the Revolution, society felt like they needed a set of rules in which to operate by. This is when they came up with the Articles of Confederation. This document gave most of the power to the states and they controlled what went on within those states. The colonists wanted to be able to preserve their liberties but the central government was not well put together. The central government had a lack of power within itself. It was not able to regulate trade, keep peace between the colonies, or pay war debts. The country then entered an economic depression. The American Revolution granted the country freedom, but the country was not quite ready to take on that responsibility. That is why they created the Articles of Confederation, so that the country will have some sort of order to attain by. Women then gained a role within society after the American Revolution. Men came to realize that women were the ones that were educated and held the future in their hands. Women are the ones that teach their children the knowledge of what they need to know in life. Women were considered inferior to men, and did not have many legal rights. The Revolution caused great attention to political matters. It brought to attention that equality and liberty were very important in our

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