Reward Systems

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REWARD SYSTEM One of important attributes of work organization is the ability to give reward to their members. Pay, promotions, fringe benefits, and status symbols are perhaps the most important rewards. Because these rewards are important, the ways they are distributed have a profound effect on the quality of work life as well as on the effectiveness of organization. Organization typically rely on reward system to do four things : 1. Motivate employees to perform effectively. 2. Motivate employee to join the organization. 3. Motivate employee to come to work, and 4. Motivate individuals by indicating their position in the organization structure. There are several principles for setting up an effective reward system in an…show more content…
Support services includes planning and formulation of developmental projects, technical support during implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training and Capacity Building, Research & Study, Micro Planning & PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal).The organization caters its best services for the judicious use of Natural, Human and Physical resources. The areas of activities include Environment, Watershed Development, Biodiversity, Sanitation, Minor Irrigation, Biotechnology, Sustainable Agriculture, Horticulture, Capacity Building, Training and Awareness. The organisation has professionals from all the above fields and for each professionals their role is clearly defined. And some cases we need to have interaction and mutual dependency with in the organization for completing the specific project or assignment. Reward system as followed by our organization : Our reward system always link reward to performance. Workers who work hard and produce more or give better quality results would receive greater rewards than poor performers. Also the criteria for receiving rewards are clear and employees know whether they are going to receive rewards for quality performance, innovation, effort or attendance. Our management must ensures that workers perceive distribution of rewards equitable. Furthermore, our organizations to attract, motivate and retain qualified and competent employees, they be offered rewards comparable to their competitor. Our
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