Reward and Compensation Strategies, a Comprehensive View of Developing a Performance Pay Plan

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Bus 525 Reward & Compensation March 28, 2010

Assessment #5

This report has been developed to address how companies an motivate

their customer service team’s behavior to achieve the organization’s business

objectives through a “pay for performance pay plan”, which is used in the federal

government job sector. Throughout the U.S and internationally, customer service

has become the primary structure of many companies . Customer Service is the

central base used to communicate a company’s goods and services , commitment

to its customers, and to achieve sales. Large companies normally have several

departments that provide
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170)? Next, it is also a great tool to gather reports that are generated from

customer service contact recordings and managerial call monitoring to identify

trends, problems in training, and success in call handling. Most companies that

use customer service as one of their vivable tools of business, offer the consumer

an opportunity to express their feelings about the service they receive, these

reports are also great tools to use when assessing possible areas of concern in

providing customer service. Once all information is gathered and assessed, it is

then time to address the issues and concerns that have been identified by

management, employees and consumers. New business strategies derived from

all information gathering methods described can be used in the implementation

of training, coaching, development, and a pay for performance business strategy.

The final outcome of management research and analysis can be provided to

all employees so that they are informed of the actions that management has

taken to address the problems that are faced by the workforce of customer

service. These actions should include the development of new strategies to

successfully achieve the business objectives associated with the company’s

mission statement and goals, in addition to the new pay for perfomance plan. The actions associated with assisting customer service representatives in

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