Rewarding In Public Education

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Teaching is said to be a rewarding profession, and it truly can be rewarding. However, teachers spend an increasing amount of their own money each year for in class supplies that go beyond what the IRS allow teachers to deduct from their taxes. (Washington) Budget cuts nationwide have cut some of the funds for public education. (, 2017) In regards to Professional Development, my district provides an adequate amount for us each year, many PDs are held after school hours and multiples of each PDs are provided. However, my school is a Title 1 school and has 100% free and reduced lunches, so asking the parents for supplies usually yields a pack of pencils and one notebook, leaving me to foot the bill for classroom supplies. In my current teaching role I am given an amount of money that I am able to use for certain things that a special education student might need. Yet, I am not allowed to use that money on paper, pencils, tissues, or hand sanitiser, even though all these things are needed for a classroom to function. In this paper…show more content…
It would be wise to check with your administration before going this route as there is a possibility that it might not be allowed in all school districts. Additionally, there also might be more funding that you are unaware of, that the administration might have for such a case. Also, there might be a company that is willing to donate to your cause, again always check with your administration to make sure you are not doing more work trying to find money for your classroom needs. My school was recently contacted by a local Kroger, they asked if we needed any supplies and of course we did. That Kroger provided paper and pencils for every student in every class at my school. Where, at times, districts may not be able to provide what is needed. the community can be contacted or the community might just contact you and provide
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