Rewarding Volunteers

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Running Head: Rewarding Volunteers Rewarding Volunteers Rewarding Volunteers Understaffing is one of the emerging and escalating grave issues in the modern world of today, because of the growing of fierce competition in every facet of life. Understaffing for a shorter span of time within the organization does not result in creation of long-term issues. However, if this understaffing is extended for a longer period and becomes permanent, the organization is likely to experience catastrophic impacts, as it creates significant problems for both the individual and the organization (Chartrand, 2004). While on the other hand, the Online University has employed volunteers at their broadcasting station because of budgetary constraints. The problem of understaffing has been observed at Online University due to the ineffectual program director that did not get along with the volunteers. Considering the aspect of understaffing at the Online University, numerous causes add to this problem. The program director that plays the role of a leader is a vital and imperative position that has contributed to understaffing to a large extent (Chartrand, 2004). The overload of the jobs and tasks that is the extra work required to accomplish by the existing volunteers raise the probability of burning out of the volunteers due to longer working hours in order to fulfill the responsibilities of certain roles. This long working hours and handling multiple tasks simultaneously simply results in
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