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REWARDS stands for READING, EXCELLENCE, WORD, ATTACK, RATE, DEVELOPMENT, and STRATEGIES. The REWARDS reading family of reading and writing (needs reworded somehow, take out the first reading)interventions are specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners. Educators nationwide are raving about the success and results(being seen) with the REWARDS program. It is a short-term intervention that results in long-term literacy achievement. The REWARDS reading program is a research-based and validated reading and writing program. The REWARDS program has 3 components or “steps”. The program family includes REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading Strategies Intermediate and Secondary, Rewards Plus Reading Strategies Applied to Social…show more content…
The Teacher’s Guide contains three sections:
The Introduction provides an overall explanation of the program and how the program is implemented.
Twenty teacher-directed lessons provide information for the teacher to ensure successful implementation of the program.
Activities for the preskill lessons (Lessons 1-12) are similar each day, as are activities for the strategy lessons (Lessons 13-20)
For each activity, two “lesson plans” are given. First there is a general description of the activity. Next, there is a teacher script that includes wording a teacher could use when teaching the lesson.
The scripts ensure fidelity of instruction. Lessons should be read prior to instruction.
Additional Materials can be found in the back of the Teacher’s Guide and include:
Pretest/Posttest and Generalization Test
Pretest/Posttest Reading Fluency
Fluency Graph:Correct Words Per Minute
Strategies for Reading Long Words
Student Reference chart: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Vowel Combinations
Optional Vocabulary Activities
Word List for REWARDS
Incentive Program
Research on REWARDS The REWARDS reading program can be used for middle and high school students in grades 6 through 12 who lack advanced word identification skills and are slower oral readers than their peers. These students tend to read one and two syllable words accurately but have difficulty with words of three or more syllables. It can also be used for struggling readers who

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