Rex Moore Electrical Contractors And Engineers

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I choose to evaluate Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers because I have previously worked there and they were one of the best employers I have worked for. The reason I say this is because they treat their employees with respect and run a great organization. It was the first organization from which I learned a lot about business processes, how an organization operates and competes. Their business processes and applications have been so effective they were able to survive the effects of The Great Recession, as well as several other economic downturns and slumps. However, through it all Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers comes out ahead and has stayed in business almost a whole century, which is also a great feat in…show more content…
The business quickly found a “niche” in working on residential, or competitive advantage amongst its competitors. Benjamin was also very active in the community, which added value to his organization. He constructed great relationships that allowed his business to prosper. It was through these efforts Benjamin was able to expand his company to several geographic locations of California and as of the turn of the century was able to expand to other states such as Nevada, where they have gained a foothold of the industry in that area. Today Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers operates in several electrical and low voltage markets. Now as a national electric company, they are still able to remain competitive in even small residential projects due to the company’s unique structure in the electrical contracting industry. Rex Moore remains a strong competitor and is consistently ranked as one of the Top 50 largest Electrical Contractors of the United States. (EC&M Magazine, 2015) The competitive landscape for Rex Moore has been a volatile one, since Rex Moore’s inception they have been through every recession in America since 1922. Due to the type of industry the organization operates in volatility comes with the territory. In order to endure many of these threats, Rex Moore Electrical has applied great organizational processes such as Lean Manufacturing in order to operate effectively and
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