Essay Rex and Rosemary Walls: Really Bad Parents

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There are many different kinds of parents. There are parents that are nice to their kids, spoil them and give them anything they want. On the other hand, there parents that are mean to their kids, make them do all the house work and provide bad living conditions for their children. The Walls parents would fall on the bad of the parent scale for many reasons. First both of the Walls parents are out of touch with reality. Second the parents act like kids and the kids have to act like responsible adults. Finally the parents are selfish, and care more about themselves than their own children. Both Rex and Rosemary Walls are unfit to be parents to the Walls children. One night Rex was drunk at a bar and met a man named Robbie. After Rex …show more content…

When Dad asks Jeanette for money, it shows that Dad doesn’t know how to handle money. Since Dad can’t be trusted with money, Jeanette has to be the responsible adult in the family. In the city of Welsh teachers were scarce. Mom, who had a teaching degree, never wanted to get a job. All of the kids have to force her to get a job. After she gets a job, she doesn’t do a good job. Jeanette says, “ At least one morning a week, she’d throw a tantrum and refuse to go to work, and Lori, Brian and I would have to get her collected and down to the street” (Walls 000). This shows that Mom is acting very childish. The Walls kids have to be responsible adults in many other situations just like this one. When Lori and Jeanette are growing older, they decide they want to move to New York City to start a new life, away from their parents. Lori and Jeanette get jobs and begin to earn money. They hide their earnings from their parents in a piggy bank they named Oz. One day Jeanette tries to find Oz to put her paycheck in. Instead she says to Lori “Someone has slashed him apart with a knife and stole all the money” (Walls 228). The kids knew right away who had stolen it. It was Dad. When Lori confronted Dad with the news about Oz, he started playing dumb, acting like he had not idea what was going on. But in fact he did steal the money. This action shows that Dad is very selfish and only cares about himself. Mom loves to look her best, even though she lives in terrible living

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