Rexdale Research Paper

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When I think about where I’m from I think about Rexdale, a place full of love, happiness and a sense of unity. It’s a place where everyone is there for one another and always ready to lend a helping hand – whenever and wherever. It’s by no means perfect, but then again, what place is? Where I’m from, everyone works together. They embrace each other and everything that makes us different. They come together to help anyone in need. They even go out of their way just to brighten your day. My community is the people in it and now, sit back and let me tell you about all the things they do to make Rexdale the best. My community is founded on diversity and embracing the fact that each and every one of us is different. No matter where in the world…show more content…
Events such as bake sales, clothing drives and food drives are constantly being held and the proceeds are always donated to charity or any other good cause. Everyone here is also like one big family and if you ever have a problem with anything, whether it be school work or personal issues, all you need to do is talk to a friend or teacher. They will always be ready to listen and do their best to help. We also believe very strongly in the importance of sharing. Whether you just need a pencil or some change, someone is always willing to help. Rexdale is a place full of kind people with hearts of gold. With that being said, let’s move on to our last…show more content…
They are some of the funniest people around and are constantly cracking jokes guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They also organise some of the best events. From carnivals to movie nights, they find a way to make them all fun. If you're feeling down or stressed they always try to lift your spirits. For example, during exams, the leadership club left little motivational notes on people's lockers in hopes of improving their mood before the test. In Rexdale, everyone really does have your best interest at heart and I could go on forever talking about all the ways they make Rexdale great. However, I think I’ll leave it here for now and begin to wrap it up. When you look at a map, it’s always easy to overlook so many places. However, if you’re ever looking for a place full of acceptance, helpfulness and happy and supportive people, look no further than Rexdale. There’s something here for everyone and it’s home to some of the best people in the world. So, next time you go on vacation, choose Rexdale and come and experience all of this for
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