Rfid ( Radio Frequency Identification )

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RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that was originally developed for use in transponders in aircrafts during the Second World War. RFID is an information and sensor technology that can be attached or inserted into objects to collect data through reader devices and tags. It uses wireless radio waves to transmit and uses devices such as RFID readers, RFID tags, and middleware. The RFID system consists of three components
1. The transponder, which is a small electronic data carrying tag that is attached to the product to be identified.
2. A reader that uses radio frequency signals to communicate with the tag
3. A data processing system that stores information about the tagged products.

RFID tags are available in three different types- passive, semi passive and active. The passive tags have no internal power supply. The minute electrical signal that the tags receive from the incoming radio frequency signal is enough to power up the tag and generates a response. An active tag has its own internal power supply. A RFID reader consists of an antenna module, a digital module, and a radio frequency module. The antenna module is used to transmit and receive radio frequency signals. The digital module is used to process protocol signals and the radio frequency module performs two functions- to supply power to the tags via radio frequency signals and the other function is to emit data via load modulation.

RFID is widely used and can be seen in many…
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