Rfid Technology Security And Privacy

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RFID technology security and privacy: a survey
This paper aims to review technical research on the problems of problems of security and privacy on RFID (Radio frequency identification).
RFID is an emerging technology with a wide spectrum of application. Since the emergence of RFID, the technology is still in the testing stage and is used mostly in supply chains but is now making its way to everyday life. RFID tags can now be implemented in personal possession or even implanted in people, it is possible to read personal information of people without their permission and this raises a serious security and integrity concerns. This report broadly examines the present and ongoing research methods used to protect the privacy and
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Over the years, RFID has gained a high level of popularity and recognition. Due to the diversity of its application, the technology has really drawn the attention of investors especially in manufacturing, transport and logistics, hospital and health care and other commercial industries.
According to IDTechEX, the market worth of RFID as at 2012 was $6.96 billion, $7.77 billion in 2013 and $8.89 billion in 2014. IDTechEX also forecasts the market worth to rise significantly to an estimate of $24.7 billion in 2024. An analysis of market demand show that over 3 billion RFID tags were demanded as at 2014 penetrating about 7% of the total addressable market of apparel in 2014.
One of the most significant challenges of the RFID technology is security and privacy. It is assumed the channel of communication between the server and the reader is secure while channel between the wireless reader and the tag is otherwise. This exposes RFID to be vulnerable to several attacks which infringes the privacy and sabotage the security of consumers. This has aroused interests of researchers to come up with algorithms and protocols to minimize these forms of attacks .Although numerous algorithms have been developed to counter the security shortcomings, none have proven to meet international standards of security and privacy. Among attacked studies in the past years by researchers and scientists, replay attacks, unauthorized tag disabling, unauthorized tag cloning and
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