Rfid Technology : The Manufacturing, Retail And Ditribution Industry

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RFID Technology in other industry RFID is used in the manufacturing, retail and ditribution industry Potential Applications in construction indutry Currently, RFID is being used to incorporate tags in doors and boilers. This is mostly used in many housing associations and for asset management while managing facilities. In UK RFID is being used to track logistics, control quality, reduce waste and asset management. Since, RFID is becoming cheaper, there lies umpteen opportunity for its usage in construction management. RFID could be used to save money and increase efficiency while managing construction activities. RFID can result in improvements in productivity and job tracking. Real time data can be made available because of RFID which can be further used in many ways to gain efficiency and cut down on wastage. Moreover, monitoring of stock as well as quality of material and construction process is possible though this technology. Since, the system is totally based on information technology, there is huge reduction in the paperwork . Paper work requires human effort which makes the process slow compared to a machine. Moreover, manual entry could result in errors. Thus, it reduces time and provides accuracy by directly feeding the data received to the relevant place where data can be accessed. Since the technology connectivity makes the path of communication short in a data driven environment, associated cost of receiving and sending incorrect material can be totally avoided.

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