Rfid in Wine Industry in France

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY France is the biggest wine producer in the world (7-8 billion bottles sold in 2010). 17% of French drink wine regularly,which is a total of 9.35 million people. We identified that buying wine requires knowledge of the different kinds of wine and that many consumers find it difficult to get the information when they want it. Our team has identified this pain point as an opportunity to launch our product using smart phones and RFID technology on the wine bottles. The solution is an application on a smart phone which allows the end user to scan the RFID tag on the wine bottle in order to get real-time information on the wine bottle, instant access to any promotion available and consumer ratings of the wine. The RFID…show more content…
With our segments of targeted application end-users, there are around 17% of 55 million people are frequently wine drinkers in France, we estimate that 10% of them will be the innovators who start to use our application fast, that will give us the end-users to be 0.94 million. Our application will be very efficient in functioning, fast access to specified and detailed wine information and interactive reviews sharing within 2 minutes. The easy use will enhance the market penetration speed. With higher frequency of application usage among our end-users, our customers (wine retailers and wine producers) will increase. We expect to start with 5-15 wine retailers and producers in first year and add to 20-50 in second year, 50-100 in third year. Market Penetration potentials The French wine market is at its stable stage now, not fast growing anymore, but still with large volume of consumption. We will start our marketing by key activities and relationships we can build with our customers, with all the sales effort and partnership with RFID suppliers, we assume that our market share will grow very fast from niche to 30% in the third year. PEST assessment Political – normally, political factors will not affect people ‘s mood and habit of drinking wine, if anything bad or good, it perhaps can stimulate the consumption, but we need to

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