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| |Or put the idea on hold, to investigate later. | |An NPP should get additional investigation as a potential project only if the reviewers of the NPP deem it important enough. (Remember, we’re | |trying to keep from having people scattered across too many project efforts. The NPP review process helps make sure that even at the concept | |stage, only the most important ideas take up time from scarce resources.) | |After an NPP has received further investigation and the new data reviewed, a team may be appointed to take the concept on into a full project.| | | The Guideline and Template Content Starts on the Following Page This format for a project proposal can also be used to launch a new idea into the company’s project pipeline. This format is used in companies who ask teams to iterative create such information during the early and short “concept” or “initiation” phase of a project (sometimes referred to as Phase 0). The originator of the idea would simply fill out as much information as they have and obviously many fields

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