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Rhetoric is in everything we see and hear; starting from social media, newspapers, or pictures. Many writers have attempted to expand and explain what rhetoric is and how it works around us, however this word has had different explanation throughout the years. Rhetoric includes different phases of the written expressions; and it works in the most direct and indirect form to refer to the aesthetics of every sentence, picture or commercial, dressing up the words or images, allowing the reader or viewer to delight and imagine the most lyrical part of each word in a text. Many people have tried to explain this word for centuries and individuals have agreed on the complexity of this word. In the literature "What is Rhetoric?" From Covino and…show more content…
As a twentieth-century rhetorician and philosopher Kenneth Burke said, 'A way or seeing is also a way of not seeing' (Permanence and Change, 49.) The word text in our definition of rhetoric can be understood in both its conventional, quite limited sense, and its ambiguous, more rhetorical sense." Pg.5. The complexity of this term elevates the beauty of the amount of expressions placed in a text, taking literature to new levels; it is not the same thing to tell someone that 'life has value', then when someone expands the sentence into why their life is valuable and appreciated, starting from people to life events and how life has changed them to whom they are to this day. Rhetoric changes from individual to individual, since the person places a unique beauty of their text, speech or picture.
Likewise, Carroll mentions the rhetorician Kenneth Burke in her text, where he has talked about rhetoric being in our everyday life. "Rhetoric- the way we use language and images to persuade- is what makes media work... according to rhetorician Kenneth Burke, Rhetoric is everywhere: 'wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric and wherever there is meaning, there is persuasion." Pg. 46-47. Burke's definition of the rhetoric mentions how even if rhetoric is interpreted differently from person to person and also how different is presented in a text different from author to author, the text is also in competition with itself putting the

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