Rhetoric : Rhetoric And Composition

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English 015: Rhetoric and Composition Summer I 2015 ONLINE Instructor: Donna Caulfield Office Hours: Online – please see course calendar Email: Cell Phone: 267-994-0678 INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE: The subject of this course is rhetoric, the effective use of language. Basically, rhetoric is about people communicating to other people who have an investment in the same issue or topic. This course introduces students to college-level writing and analysis. That means you can expect to develop critical writing strategies that should help you succeed in college. The focus of this course, however, is not only "college writing"; we will also address the kinds of writing and reading skills that are important in the world beyond college. Therefore, this course has a simple goal: to help you to become "critical citizens" inside and outside the university. The focus is this section of ENG 015 is to look closely the power of cultural myths. Culture shapes the way we think; it holds people together by providing us with shared beliefs and values. We must learn to be critical thinkers and get beyond the rigid cultural limits imposed on our vision of the world. I will take excerpts from Rereading America, which compiles essays about cultural contexts. We critically examine five cultural myths: Myth of Model Family, Myth of Gender, Myth of Education, Myth of Individual Opportunity, Myth of the Melting Pot. Ultimately, through composing
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