Rhetoric and Group Stereotyping

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Rhetoric is language meant to bring about intense emotions causing people to have certain attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors (Moore & Parker, 2007, pp.117-118). There are many different types of rhetorical devices that can give positive or negative feelings about a subject. These are often called slanters (Moore & Parker, 2007, p.118). Stereotyping is one type of rhetorical device that is used quite often. It generally occurs when people attach certain images or thoughts to groups that are not based on facts or evidence (Moore & Parker, 2007, p.122). Quite often when a group is brought up in discussion, they are spoken of by stereotype. Stereotyping can be positive or negative. Stereotyping can cause people to make snap judgments of …show more content…
Some people in the military get a tattoo as a sign of pride for the military force they are in. Plus, there are additional reasons that law abiding, “good” people get tattoos. However, there are some tattooed people who do fit into the stereotype either partially, or completely.
The third group discussed is feminists. Feminists are often stereotyped as men haters (Rocker-Gladen, 2008, para2). Much of the rhetorical language used in stereotyping feminists is that they are ugly, angry, and whiny (Rocker-Gladen, 2008, paras6-9). In addition, they hate sex, have no respect for stay-at-home moms, are lesbians, are all prochoice, and are bra burners (Rocker-Gladen, 2008, paras10-14). The stereotyping of feminists is pretty negative. However, not all people see them as they are stereotyped. Although the stereotyping of feminists is true for some women, it is definitely not true of all women. The common ground rules of feminists are: Women should be treated the same as men before the law; women should be just as valuable to society as men are; women should be ensured a better life by changes in society and law; there should no longer be violence and repression of women anywhere in the world; and women need to stand in support of other women. These ground rules are far from being the stereotype of feminists, but these are just ground rules and other than these, feminist’s views are quite varied (Rocker-Gladen, 2008, para4). Thus, there are some
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