Rhetorical Analysis: A Wake Up Call America Needed '

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U.S Needs A Wake Up:Racism In 2017 during Trump’s first few months as president; there was a KKK/White Supremacy rally in Charlottesville. In the rally the Grand Dragon David Duke made an appearance along with other men; talking about “Taking their country back.”. Not only that but there are gender racisms among the U.S as well and no one is doing anything about it. This is a brief summary of Sophia A. Nelson’s article:”Charlottesville Is the Ugly Wake-UP Call America Needed”. As she referred to everyone ignoring the problems that are going on, and the people that are that just allowing it. Sophia took an angry/disappointed tone in her speech; a possible bias influencing this would be that she is also African American. Sophia uses a strong…show more content…
Her tone of the article was an angry/upset tone, to show her she felt about racism. Sophia went on to say “As we all watched the protests and violence in real time, the likes of former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke walked the streets of Charlottesville with other white men talking about “taking their country back” This quote is strong because the KKK has almost disappeared/not made big movements in the U.S.; and now for them to protest & rally. The people of the U.S should be concerned about their up-coming with Trump in office. This supports the argument by showing how Sophia felt about the KKK’s rally with the neo-naxis in Charolottesville, it does a good job at showing her anger and how she was…show more content…
In the article she mentions a KKK/NeoNazi ralley in Charlottesville. In the 6th paragraph she says “...the likes of former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke walked the streets of Charlottesville with other white men, talking about “taking their country back”.” This quote can infer that this is a bad thing, and it’s not right. Later on in her article she says “It’s time to do our work. It starts just like an AA program: The first step is admitting we have a problem. I feel that her use of logos was important because she uses the term KKK referring back to when they were racist along time ago, and how bad they were to other races. It supports her argument because she wants to show what's happening and what's wrong with
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