Rhetorical Analysis (Domestic Violence) Essay example

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Please Don’t, Hit Me Baby One More Time! As an avid sports fan I have been highly troubled by the recent headlines to plague the NFL in recent months. It seems as if every week a new player is being accused of domestic violence. In the past these accusations have seemingly gone unnoticed as the player gets punished behind the scenes and continues playing the game we love to watch. However, now as the league is taking the horrific issue of domestic violence far more seriously we are starting to see just how prevalent it is in the NFL. While this is a significant step in creating more awareness for the issues of domestic violence, Rex W. Huppke wants people to realize how prevalent domestic violence is not just in the NFL, but everywhere,…show more content…
The league will be more proactive with punishment and punishment will be harsher than before. Immediately after this brief introduction into how the NFL is handling its policy, Huppke uses logos when he offers up back to back statistics that portrays the vast difference in how the rest of the companies in our country are handling the domestic violence issue. In back to back paragraphs Huppke stated that “1 in 4 women will, at some point, experience domestic violence” (par. 7) and that “…there are as few as 30 percent of companies that actually have [domestic violence] policies” (par. 6). The first statistic presenting the shocking rate of domestic violence cases next to the extremely low number of companies who have any policy in place to deal with these cases allow the audience to quickly see just how big of an issue this is and just how little the workforce is doing to deal with it. Throughout the article, Huppke develops ethos by using quotes from two credible individuals each with their own unique experience in the topic at hand. The first person Huppke uses is Jason Keck who is “a labor and employment law attorney with the firm Fisher & Phillips” (par 6). Huppke uses Keck to inform the audience of what he often sees in different workplaces and the different ways they get around handling the domestic violence issue. At one point Keck claimed, ‘…it’s often an issue tossed under "disciplinary policy" somewhere in an employee handbook
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