Rhetorical Analysis : English 102

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Starting this year, I thought English 102 was just going to be another general education requirement I needed to have in order to graduate. English has never been my favorite subject, so I guess it is safe to say that I was not super excited about this class. However, this class turned out to be different then I thought. It turned out to be more useful then I originally thought. English 102 was both helpful and fairly simple because of what what I learned, the effort I put in and how prepared I was. First, I found this class to be helpful because of the what I have learned and the skills I better developed since the beginning of the semester. Coming in to this class, I knew that the rhetorical appeals were ethos, pathos and logos. However, I was not very proficient at using them in my writing. This class allowed me to practice using the rhetorical appeals it strengthen my writing. In my argumentative essay I used pathos to appeal to the reader emotions and to make them feel bad for the college athletes because they were not being paid. An example of this from my essay is when I used the quote, “student- athletes, especially those from low-income households, do not have any money to spend on a trip home to see family” (Vanderford 830). Using this quote makes the reader fell bad that the athletes cannot see their families often because they can not afford to travel home. I used ethos in my essay when I would quote a source and state who the person is. This is shown when I…
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