Rhetorical Analysis Essay: "Cunt, a Declaration of Independence" by Inga Muscio

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Inga Muscio is a very influential writer. Over the years she has earned tremendous credibility within the feminist world. In the chapter, “Rape not Cunt,” from her well known book Cunt, a Declaration of Independence, Inga passionately writes of her feelings about violence against women. She attempts to use rhetoric and captures the reader with a call of action to help prevent further violence against women. However, although Inga Muscio had many valid points about violence against women, her rhetoric does not appeal to all audiences.
Generally speaking, when someone speaks of an emotional topic such as rape or abuse, they are sympathetic and supporting. However, in Inga’s writing she exhibits neither of these characteristics. In her
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I do not feel that any progress would be made if our men just sat in the background watching when there is so much that needs to be done. Inga discredits our men and ignores the fact that any help efforts are good whether they be from a male or a female. Furthermore, Inga’s suggested solutions to the issue of violence against women are ridiculous. In the chapter she suggests that women use “Cuntlovin Public Relations” (Muscio 170) to resolve the issue. In her opinion, packing the car of a known rapist with rotting fish heads and Limburger cheese, or covering him in bloody tampons, would solve the problem. However, solutions such as these would just seem immature to many of Inga’s readers. Inga’s readers are in search of clear-cut solutions that will without a doubt prevent future sexual assaults. Inga’s solutions would do nothing other than let the rapist know that you act much younger than your actual age. She states in her writing,
“Wouldn’t you just hate like the devil to be pilloried, smeared with dogshit, forced to kneel in front of a high-powered microphone on a raised platform and apologize to the ten thousand women who have solemnly marched by you (Muscio 170)?” Public humiliation of every rapist is not the proper way to prevent violence against women. Acting in this manner just makes the rapist appear as a victim to the torture of ten thousand crazy feminists. We do not want to make the rapist

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