Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Catcher In The Rye

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Zeke and I were walking to Ignacio’s on the last day of school with a group of people When he had the idea for us to shadow fight “I said alright”. So when the group of people and me and Zeke got to Ignacio’s he started to swing at me so I dropped my backpack and “I said let’s go”. Right away he starts to swing at me before I get a chance to so I start dodging his punches but then he throws a real swing at me right to the ribs that’s when I got mad he’s still swinging got me again in the ribs but the other side side at this point “I was like do it again I dare you” he did it again so I throw my first punch I punch him right in the jaw he falls and he says “ holly sh!t you punched me so hard I seen God” Ignacio and the group of people
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