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Neil Boris Dr. Coyle Engl-101E 19 Sept. 2014 Rhetorical Analysis of “A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L.A.” In South Central, Los Angeles, there is a food epidemic taking place among the population. For miles and miles, the only easily attainable food source is fast food; causing the overconsumption of un-nutritious, greasy, and fattening food. This is the problem brought to the public’s attention by speaker Ron Finley in his Ted Talks speech, “A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L.A.” Finley explains how everywhere he looks in his native South Central, all he sees are fast food chains and Dialysis clinics opened due to the lack of nutritious food. Finley views the lack of a healthy food source as a serious problem, and brings up…show more content…
He brings pathos into his presentation by speaking about pride, using humor in scenarios within, and showing pictures including him feeding the homeless at a shelter, and children gardening. His strongest use out of all three, though, is the use of ethos in the speech. Finley uses ethos to his advantage by explaining how he was born and raised in South Central, how he is currently raising his own children in South Central, and explaining his knowledge on guerilla gardening. These factors lead the listener to believe he is experienced not only on his topic, but also on the community itself. Using logos, pathos, and ethos are not the only stylistic techniques Finley uses in his presentation. His use of metaphors, imagery, and his speaking ability itself all intrigue the audience. Finley uses metaphors throughout, such as “food is the problem and the solution,” and “we are the soil.” Using metaphors allows Finley to make comparisons in a more serious manner. He uses imagery within his speech to allow the listener to draw vivid images within their minds of the things he explained. For example, Finley explains how he was tired of “driving 45 minutes to buy an apple impregnated with pesticides.” Describing the apple as “impregnated with pesticides” instead of simply saying an apple makes the listener feel disgust, knowing the apples he consumed were full of chemicals instead of nourishment. Finley’s speaking ability was undoubtedly his strongest technique. His
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