Rhetorical Analysis : ' Hidden Lessons '

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Rhetorical Analysis Females are being short-changed when it comes to education. That is according to the article “Hidden Lessons” (Sadker 54-56). By “cherry picking” evidence the authors’ attempts to establish male gender bias is being practiced in the classroom.
The claim of teachers generating specific male friendly behavior may be hurting female’s self-esteem, learning capabilities, and even career options. However, the explanations as to why there is lower self- esteem in female students, due to educators behavior is vague. Nevertheless, proving gender behavior in the classroom would be convincing if the authors had included critical details, for example the ratio of males to females being observed is missing. The events witnessed were said to be observed in an ethnically diverse environment and included all levels of socioeconomic status. However, specific data provided failed to connect these key pieces to the principal concept. By all educational standards, Myra and David Sadker, place high in the field of gender bias education and sexism in school. Their opinionated article “Hidden Lessons” is an expert from their book Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls (1994). The research describes subtle ways gender bias against females is woven into the classroom. Their research seems to indicate males monopolize the teacher’s time and attention. This could explain one of the reasons why girls shy away from male-dominated fields of study.
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