Rhetorical Analysis : `` Love Song `` By Steven Tyler Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Etched deep in the spirit of every person are the memories of life altering-mistakes. For most people, these mistakes devastate their life permanently, but for a select group, the impact is breathtaking. The idea that one huge mistake could lead to mind-boggling success is the type of story one only reads about. World-renowned rock band Aerosmith’s success story is undeniably one of the greatest of all time, but it didn’t come without massive failure. Steven Tyler, the lead singer of rock and roll hall of fame band Aerosmith, recorded his first solo song, “Love Lives”, divulging his jaded emotions of losing his band, wife, and essentially, soul during the early stages of his now historic career. Although Tyler’s song appears to be just another cliche love song, the ballad capitalizes on parallelism, nostalgia imagery and diction, and ambiguity to expose tremendous loss suffered as a result of his career crippling drug addiction and the overwhelming success that emerged from the ashes of his past. Steven Tyler creates rhythm and flow in lyrics by utilizing parallelism between phrases and verses in his song. The main notion of a musical piece is to be memorable and melodic. Tyler constructs this melodic pattern by comparing and contrasting concepts in similarly structured phrases. These slightly contrasting ideas are presented similarly to force movement into the rhythm, “I walk away, you stay behind” (Tyler). The same sentence structure is used on the

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