Rhetorical Analysis Of 2016

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I think everyone around the world can agree that 2016 has been a horrendous year. To be honest, I believe that 2016 was an extremely awful year because of the ever increasing viewpoint of “us” versus “them”. We see those that are different than us as “them”, the “Other”, the opposing force that goes against our perceived ideas of right and wrong. A prime example of this is the rhetoric and feelings spread by both parties during the 2016 American election. Trump’s rhetoric of Mexican immigrants and China ruining America and Hillary Clinton’s comment of Trump’s supporters being “deplorables” helped contribute to an “us” versus “them” feeling.In a survey mentioned in an article published by People Press, 55% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans feel like the other party makes them feel…show more content…
This could be through travel, exchange programs, or even going to a different section of the city that has a different culture than your own. Through intercultural learning and experiences, we can begin to see ourselves and the others around us not by our race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality but by the fact that at the end of the day, we are all human and only have one chance in this life. I recognize the fact that AFS has a mission of helping to create a more just and peaceful world for generations to come. I wholeheartedly support the ideals of this mission and will use my experience from my study abroad to help others see the world through a new light. While I am abroad in Serbia, I will do my best to maintain an open mind to see the world through the culture of the Serbs and not from the culture of my own. My main inspiration for wanting to spend a year in a culture different from my own is to be challenged. To see the world and the going ons of it through the perspective of someone else. To ultimately learn, grow, and mature from this challenged
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