Rhetorical Analysis Of A College Essay

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The main reason for attending university is to earn a degree and start a career that will create a successful future for the student. Besides taking numerous classes, one of the most important aspects of college is writing a college resume to acquire either an internship or a job to help the student build a foundation and gain experience for their desired occupation. Writing a college resume is like trying out for a football team. You want to be as direct and clear as possible, while also showing off a little here and there to gain recognition and separate yourself from the competition. To be a complete and effective college resume, the author must use concise yet informative and logical words that appeal to the reader, while also using a rigid and structured format that makes it easy for the reader to find the information he or she is looking for. A good college resume can lead a student to a lifelong career of success; a poorly written college resume can hold back a student’s progress into…show more content…
A college resume takes place during the years of school when a college student looks for a job or internship outside of class. The subject of the resume is the college student, and what he or she has to offer to the business or company proposing the job. The college student will write the resume to describe all of his or her experiences that pertain to the job, and what separates them from the other applicants. The reader of the college resume, a college professor or business or company manager, will look for applicants that have all the right qualities to contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship between the applicant and company. The purpose of a college resume is to show all the qualities of a college student that make them a perfect fit for an internship; this will allow the student to gain real world experience using what they have been taught in
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