Rhetorical Analysis Of A Speech By Susan Anthony

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Oratorical Analysis Paper

A speech by Susan Anthony

Melissa Menendez
SPC1017/Dr. Kenny R. Leblanc


Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Background 2
About the Speech 3
Structure and Evaluation 4
Influence 5
Analysis of the Speech 6
Results 7
Conclusion: 8
References: 10

Introduction An oratorical speech aims to influence listeners to change their ideas or at least consider the ideas of the speaker for the latter to ponder. This paper will analyze the speech given by Susan Anthony, a feminist advocate who saw the injustice in the political sphere during her time. Her speech was a moving piece which aimed to stop the discrimination and let women exercise the rights guaranteed by the constitution. The said speech will be evaluated in terms of the strategies used and also the influence of such speech to the society in the end.
Anthony gave her speech to start a movement for the freedom of women who were limited by men within the country. The Women’s Liberation which began during the late 18th century in the western countries is also known as the Feminist Movement. The said movement was directed towards reformation of laws to give women their rights particularly their right to vote in elections. At that time, women felt that they were discriminated as they are seen as to be in the home only rather than participate in the affairs of the society.
The said liberation was separated but connected in two waves. The first one was during the 18th
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