Rhetorical Analysis Of A Thank You To Taylor Swift

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Mckinzie Johnson

English 101

Professor Rhonda McDonnell

20 September 2017

“A Thank-You To Taylor Swift”
Rhetorical Strategies

There are many inequalities in how girls and boys are treated and raised. Author, Laura Bates, wrote “A Thank You to Taylor Swift,” published in 2017 in The New York Times and she argues that girls are raised and treated different than boys and that women should not have to suffer in silence while boys reign all power. Bates is a feminist and has the British Empire medal in gender equality. The author begins growing her credibility by using Taylor Swift as a prime example of these issues, using research, and credible sources to cite her facts. She includes pathos, logos, language, and kairos to support her argument. Bates shows in this article how different genders are raised, how different salaries are, and how different genders are treated in society today. In Bates’ article she shows the inequality in how genders are raised by using pathos. The author includes an emotional text from Taylor Swifts mother to express how emotional it can be to see a girl that she thought was raised so confident be undermined so easily. Bates goes into detail very well in the fourth paragraph starting with a quote that says. “It starts from babyhood, with onesies featuring pretty princesses and future presidents. We “shush” Little girls, contain and silence them, while boisterous boys their male peers.” She then goes on to say “ Research shows that parents
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