Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address

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“Fourscore and seven years ago…” is the statement in which Abraham Lincoln started “The Gettysburg Address”.152 years ago, Lincoln delivered this well-known speech in front of an audience who was searching for help during a time of war. Some may believe it was not an inspiration why others will say it was. To some Americans, it might have even brought faith. Just like any other work, this essay was composed of a rhetorical situation and rhetorical devices; which can be broken down into specific factors. The rhetorical situation and devices play an important role in how the essay was and still taken into consideration today. In addition to, how “The Gettysburg Address” was and is comprehended. To begin with, if people want to really understand the principles and values of “The Gettysburg Address” they should take into consideration the rhetorical situation. The rhetorical situation is composed of the following: ethos, logos, pathos, and kairos. These are known as the character of the speaker, which is ethos, the attention of the message, logos, the values and beliefs of the audience, pathos, and the time of the of which this work was written, kairos (Ramage). The ethos of “The Gettysburg Address” is clearly in front of us. Meaning that the character of Abraham Lincoln was what and is still being taken into consideration when we look at the ethos of “The Gettysburg Address”. At the time of war, some would not dare to question the authority and credibility of President Lincoln…
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