Rhetorical Analysis Of Assata Shakur '

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Rhetorical Analysis of Assata Shakur

Assata shakur was a member of the Black Panthers movement and was the most wanted person by the FBI. She was charged with first degree murder, assault, and battery of a police officer because of her activism, which brought resentment against her. This compelled her to move to Cuba, where she still lives today. She’s also Tupac Shakur step aunt. In “To My People “, she expresses her discontent about the white man 's position in society that allows them to manipulate and oppress the black man. She commands the colored men to advocate, assemble, to fight for their rights, and freedom because the american society and law enforcement are corrupted. She
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She mocks how “They called us kidnappers, yet brother clark squires (who is accused,along with me, of murdering a New Jersey state trooper) was kidnapped on April z,1969”. Although the white man accuses the black man of being kidnappers they mask how monumental their crimes are. She criticizes that the white man are hypocritical and devious people for blaming black people small crimes while they’ve committed atrocities. Assata’s persuasive use of antithesis shines light on the outrageous and unethical motives of the white man because their bias contradicts their values. She appeals to African Americans to convince them to work together because she believes that they are possible solutions that can resolve racial inequalities. She acknowledges that, “Every revolution in history has been accomplished by actions, although words are necessary … We must create shields that protect us and spears that penetrate our enemies”. The black community should protect themselves from being been brainwashed by the white man and retaliate against the oppressive system. She confronts the white man’s intolerant attitude toward the civil right movement that, “Every Time a black freedom fighter is murder or captured, the pig try to create the impression that they have quenched the movement , destroyed our forces ,and put down the black revolutionary movement.liberation army … at this time is to create good examples, to

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