Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obamas First Inaugural Speech

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Jasmin Brown
Mrs. Landry
American Literature/6th Period
6 November 2015
The Power of Rhetorical Devices in Barack Obamas First Inaugural Speech
Attention Getter/Hook (No Questions, 1 Sentence): “We the people have remained faithful to the ideas of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.”
Bridge/Introducing the Idea (2-3 Sentences minimum): Barack Obama is consoling and complementing us on our past and encouraging us to stick together for our future. This is very important because we know that Barack Obama is here for us and he will help us make the nation a better place if we come together and unite our efforts.
Thesis Statement (1 Sentence): Rhetorical devices are often used in Barrack Obama speech to help him communicate better, become more complex in his speech and to grab the audience’s attention in various ways.
Body Paragraph 1: Background Information on Time Period/Speakers/Persuasion
TS: Rhetorical Devices in Barack Obama first Inaugural Speech showed his objective as president and it helped set the tone for his entire presidency.
CM: This memorable event caused many of reactions from America, people were sceptic because they did not know if he was delivering the truth to them or not and there was also people who had hope for him and what he would bring to America as the next president.
CM: This was a groundbreaking event that is still an important part of our history.
CD: Winning this election was a tremendous accomplishment for…
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