Rhetorical Analysis Of Brother Dean

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Jackeline Aguilar Rhetorical Analysis on Brother Dean Brother Dean is a campus preacher that is talking about controversial topics like rape, feminism, and gay people. He uses the bible to back up the statements that he makes. Brother Dean walks around the campus of the University of Arizona wearing shirts with the statements “you whore” and signs that say “you deserve rape”. He is walking around and essentially slut shaming women because he states that they get raped because they wear revealing clothes. The day that he was being filmed by Vice was the release of Brave Miss World, a movie about a women named Linor Abargil who was abducted, stabbed and raped weeks before she won a pageant . He was protesting the release of the film…show more content…
He does not talk in long speeches about his beliefs because a lot of the students on campus do not have the time to stop and listen to him. Instead he talks really fast and attempts to persuade people to believe in his statements as they pass by. His preachings are mostly based on christianity and the bible. He never uses anything else to back his believes besides the bible. Brother Dean is using the bible as a weapon to persuade others to join him, proving that he is cultured. The reason Brother Dean is going on campus and preaching is so that he can get people to convert. As Nissi Powell, a student on campus said, he is only trying to get people’s attention with his remarks. He is doing it in a wrong way because a lot of people do not respond well when they are being attacked with words. He could have tried a more effective way to get people to listen to him if he talked about the religion itself. He could have mentioned what a day in mass was like or passages from the bible that were positive. Due to his strident approach, he has caused chaos and violence towards him. People have started to rip his shirt, throw away his signs, and has had a smoothie thrown at him. His hobby has had a lot a controversy but some women do agree with him like his friend Sarah. She claims that women put themselves in situations without needing to be there. She also states that she agrees with everything brother Dean

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