Rhetorical Analysis Of Budweiser

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Presli Adams Mr. Tucker English 1310- Rhetoric and Writing October 2017 Rhetorical Analysis of Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial For this essay I will be using the commercial made by Budweiser for the 2015 Super Bowl, “Lost Dog.” This advertisement is about a tiny lost puppy getting far away from home and most importantly, the friendship between this puppy and some Clydesdale horses. In the beginning of this commercial, the puppy is shown hiding under some hay, and then he proceeds to jump into a random trailer which initially gets him lost far from home. There is no dialogue in this commercial aside from the music in the background, but the advertisement shows the distress of the owner through facial expressions and scenes where he puts…show more content…
The company wants people to know that your “Best Buds” or your best friends, will always be there for you in times of trouble, or, perhaps, when a wolf is trying to kill you. Using animals is a very strategic way to appeal to almost everyone. Using baby animals, like the puppy, is even better. Budweiser doesn’t mention beer once during this whole advertisement which actually assists the effectiveness instead of hurting it. If they would’ve shown the owner drinking beer while his puppy was gone it would’ve unintentionally associated alcohol with sadness. Even if people DO drink alcohol or even Budweiser when they are in emotional distress, showing it during this commercial could’ve quite possibly had a very negative impact with the audience, maybe even affecting them subconsciously. Instead, Budweiser creates an innocent story about a puppy with absolutely nothing to do with beer. Perhaps this may cause the audience to associate this particular alcohol with innocence or harmlessness. The commercial has excellent Kairos. As Americans, the Super Bowl is the closest thing to a cultural event that we can claim. A Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl is already going to have extreme effectiveness. Beer and football is already a perfect mixture, but they add puppies which basically demonstrates all three of the things American’s love the most. Budweiser knows exactly what they are doing while targeting the Super Bowl audience. Not only are
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