Rhetorical Analysis Of `` Catch `` By Chris Leggett Essay

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There are many ways to write a literary essay on a text, choosing the most effective method depends on what the writer is trying to accomplish. What is most important is understanding what one is writing about and effectively delivering it. In the sample essay, "Tossing Metaphors Together in Robert Francis 's 'Catch '" by Chris Leggett, Leggett writes an analysis paper in which he analyzes the extended metaphor of the poem. While in the sample essay, "How William Faulkner 's Narrator Cultivates a Rose for Emily" by Tony Groulx, Groulx writes a research paper where he researches various aspects of the story. These two essays demonstrate two distinct approaches taken to discuss a poem and a story. From beginning to end, both approaches are a process that require focus and patience. At the end they should both provide the reader with further insight into the text. To write an effective thesis-driven essay about a literary text, the writer must understand the text, organize their information clearly, and support their papers purpose.

In Leggett 's essay, he analyzes the poem "Catch" by Robert Francis. Poems can be challenging to analyze, as there are many elements to consider, such as metaphors, symbolism, and tone. Leggett chooses to focus on only four key words from the poem, then constructs his essay around each word. He states that the entire poem 's meaning can be cut down to these four words, "attitudes, latitudes, interludes, and altitudes." By focusing on only a

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