Rhetorical Analysis Of Cesar Chavez

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About 85% of churches are not fully active with their community. Statics have higher throughout the years, about 40 years ago Mexicans were being treated unfairly due to poor working conditions. This unbarring situation leads to a fellow leader, Chavez to step up and build a firm foundation to led us Mexican-Americans to success. Chavez had many helpers from different communities, but his own. The Mexican-American organization was let down by their own church. This escalated to such an overwhelming experience. In Chavez’ speech, “The Mexican-Americans and the Church insinuates the catastrophe of the church's involvement. Chavez explains his purpose thoroughly to the audience, uses pathos and has an effective tone to allow him to build his organization. Therefore, Cesar Chavez wanted the church to support his organization, therefore his intended audience for his speech was his local church and the Mexican-American Community. Cesar went through a spiritual fasting, in which he did not eat due to the hazardous chemicals in field fruit. Chavez was a Catholic and used his morals for a nonviolent protest to better working conditions for field workers. He was the leader of the Mexican-American Community in Delano, Ca. He indicates how powerful a church's involvement can be: “It is powerful moral and spiritual force cannot be ignored by any movement” (Chavez). He believes if the church got more involved they would grow as an organization and would strive to be seen and heard. Chavez had strong hopes to fulfil his dream of making a change. The church's involvement would heavy impact his journey He wants to persuade, change their options and have a wider spectrum. In addition, Chavez wants the church to hear his opinion. He stated this matter at the Second Annual Conference in Sacramento, Ca. After his speech he gained over 6,000 people to join his fast. He could have not accomplished that without the help of an organization called California Migrant Ministry. This organization is a protestant group who helped Chavez succeed. Because their relationship grew, the ministry was right by Cesar's side during the strikes. He later on explains how supportive the ministry was, “ When 30 of the strikers were arrested for

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