Rhetorical Analysis Of Chandelier

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Rhetorical Analysis “Chandelier” was one of the most popular songs of the year 2014. It debuted on an album titled “1000 forms of fear” by the song artist Sia. Chandelier was so popular because it was perceived as a summer party anthem. It was one that had a very catchy tune, and it had a lot of notability from it’s music video. Therefore, this song was constantly played on the radio and was heard by millions of people. However, this song wasn’t meant to be a party anthem. The lyrics and mood of the song take a dark turn, because in actuality the song is talking about someone who is using partying to cope with their troubles. Unfortunately, most people weren’t able to notice what was really going on because they did not heed to the lyrics that they were singing. The first two stanzas of “Chandelier” are a visual on what a girl is doing at a party, and what she is thinking about. It is apparent that she is drinking and trying to have fun, but it is not for any random reason. The girl is drinking so much and making herself available to anybody (specifically guys) that want to have a good time because she is trying to push down and away what she is going through. Repetition of lyrics such as “1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink” emphasize the fact that the girl is purposely making herself drunk. It is as if she is trying to cloud her mind. This leads to the chorus and post-chorus. That includes the famous line “ I’m gonna swing from the chandelier”. When actually processing this line, the meaning of it changes. It doesn’t mean that the girl is going to literally swing from a chandelier, but it does mean that she is going to let loose with no regrets. The line after that , “ I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist” seconds that statement. It is almost like a you only live once type of situation. Sia then utilizes a simile saying that she’s going to fly like a bird and follows that up with “feel my tears as they dry.” That simile and the line after emphasized the fact that the girl is totally letting loose, and that it’s making her feel as if her sadness is going away. In the post-chorus however, the mood completely shifts being that the girl is basically admitting that she is unstable. The lines , “But I'm holding on for

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