Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Colin Kaernick Took A Stand'

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On August 26, 2016 Colin Kaepernick “Took a stand” by not standing during the National Anthem before the preseason game. This angered many fans, including African American fans. Many videos have gone viral, of fans burning Kaepernick's jersey. In one video the man was recorded saying, “if you don't love our country, get the [] out of it. You should never play another down in the NFL. Move to Canada." Although, Kaepernick broke no rules, Officials are still thinking about penalizing him. Kaepernick says that he will not honor a flag for a country that oppresses people of color. Many people wonder how he knows what it is like to be oppressed making 126 million dollars a year.” Another fact that has angered fans is that Kaepernick was adopted…show more content…
Although, a former teammate Anquan Boldin had a cousin last year shot to death by police, but he still stands during the playing of the anthem. He says that he supports Kaepernick's right to make the decision to sit or stand, but he will continue to stand and support his nation. The NFL is wondering why everyone is making a big deal out of it because he did the same thing in the previous preseason game. Kaepernick says, he feels he needs to stand up for the oppressed people, and if they take football away from him , he knows he has stood up for what is right. Many sources have said that this is what service men and women fight for. The people's right to “stand up and scream the anthem at the top of their lungs, or not honor it at all.” Kaepernick has always been outspoken about the racial issues in America, in the past. He openly supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Kaepernick's fans do not seem to care about this factor. One fan even played the National Anthem while setting fire to Kaepernick's jersey, and standing with his hand over his heart. Many angry fans have posted on social media that he is ignorant, spoiled, and childish.” Tomi Lahren, of news site The Blaze, tweeted saying: 'If this country disgusts you so much. Leave. Others would die to be in your spot you cocky…show more content…
They say there are better ways he could have gone about it, but this way probably got the most attention. Damien Woody tweeted “ Kaep has every right to express his feelings/beliefs and ppl have every right to disagree. That's ok folks! “ “ This is what comes with free society unless people hate democracy” People or athletes that stand with Kaep, but still stand usually put their fist up to support him. They say that they believe and understand what he is standing up for, but there are many other great things about the Nation. 49ers coach says he stands with Kaeps decision, and he does not know when he intends on stopping the
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