Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Campaign On The Ballot Of ' Make America Great Again ' Essay

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In less than a few months, the election session will be upon us again. Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is running his campaign on the ballot of “Make America Great Again.” These four words are quite amazing, and yet dangerous. As Trump travels from state to state announcing his platform, people are shouting these words “Make America Great Again.” Essentially, at the core of his rhetoric is the idea that America has never been great. For Trump, I imagine, “Making America Great Again” is coded for “Making America White Again”, although everything in America was built by African Americans. I open with this brief introduction because this is the same argument that is made in a religious context. African American Religious Thought is always in the process of shifting. Whenever there is critical thought being developed, there has to be a shift. As I read each article, there were many salient points that resonated with me. Before I outline those points, I want to begin with the critical points that were lifted from Professors Glaude and West in African American Religious Thought. Both scholars very succinctly outlined the major themes that provide the backdrop for the study of African American Religious Thought in light of race and culture in the US. Glaude and West provide a historical periodization that carefully examines five historical moments that informs African American religious thought. These five platforms are: (1) “African American Religion as the Problem
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