Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Football Has Become Too Real To Watch'

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Rhetorical Analysis Multiple deaths from a degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is what the true culprit of the NFL is. This disease is caused from repetitive blunt force trauma to the head, leading those who are effected to struggle later in life and even turn to suicide. People are writing about these safety concerns in football nowadays because of the multitude of deaths related to this disease and the way the NFL choses to deal with it. The NFL disregarding its players is a subject at hand currently because people continue to suffer from CTE without even confirming they have it before they have already deteriorated. “Football Has Become Too Real to Watch” by television writer, Eric Buchman, describes these realities of the NFL and how it went from being a safe haven to a place where the NFL pretends to be oblivious to the realities of the game. Buchman’s argument is that the joy of football is gone due to the reality of current issues within the NFL. The NFL getting away with awful things is what Buchman wants the reader to take away from this article. His contribution to this debate is that he offers a perspective of the fans for why this issue is important without any biases towards the NFL. Football fans and even everyday people are the target audience for Buchman’s article. He points out his intended audience by saying, “[o]n Sundays, I’d feel either the joy of my team winning or the pain of their defeat.” Experiencing the triumphs and frustration of your team is a feeling any fan can relate to. Although everyday people are not as effected by the winning and losing they still care about people. No sane person wants to see other people get smacked around for sport. Buchman hopes his readers will stop denying the atrocities and shed light on the issues at hand by either protesting the NFL or holding them accountable for their actions. Buchman clearly illustrates these intentions with the quote, “[o]ver the past decade, though, football went from being a distraction from life’s harsh realities to a reminder of them.” With multiple cases of CTE occurring it suddenly becomes hard to deny the realness of the damage NFL players are experiencing. Knowing that your favorite
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