Rhetorical Analysis Of Ford 's Son Coming Home

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Rhetorical Analysis of Ford 's "Son Coming Home" Commercial Ford 's "Son Coming Home" commercial depicts a marine returning home from war. As he arrives at the airport to a little boy 's salute (Mildmay, 2005 Ford Mustang Commercial, 2006, 0:00-0:21), his family arrives to pick him up without the marine 's father. The commercial follows them on their ride home in the mother 's Ford sedan through the small hometown city with yellow ribbons tied to poles, onto the tree lined streets of a traditional American neighborhood and arriving at a home to the American Flag on porches (1:05-1:21). Family and friends are there to welcome him when he arrives, except his father. The first thing the marine does is take a shower and then goes to join his…show more content…
Ford, with the exception of the vehicles, simply used their logo at the end to equate this strength, loyalty, and pride to their brand.
Ford uses the placement of the three different vehicles to show this family 's loyalty to the Ford brand. First, the mother 's four door sedan: a stereotypical mom 's vehicle. As Phil Patton quotes George Butcher in his New York Times article "The perk here is size. [ ']Space is the ultimate luxury,[ '] said George Bucher, the Five Hundred 's designer.", making the Five Hundred appeal to the family that spends a lot of time traveling in the car. (2004) Second, the 1969 Mustang Cobra: a stereotypical man 's muscle car. According to the Ford Mustang Enthusiasts article "Ford Mustang History" only 867 produced and came with "A 375-horsepower "Semi-Hemi" big block with NASCAR intentions…" (2016) Ford also shows the 2005 Mustang: the more modern, younger man 's hot rod that was getting ready to appear on showroom floors. This shows their credibility on many levels of the car buyer 's scale, proving there is a vehicle for everyone. Ford also displays their credibility by showing safety and reliance. The mother lets the younger son drive them home from the airport in her Ford Five Hundred (0:38-0:41). Most mothers, very concerned about the safety of their new drivers, look for a vehicle that can provide that safety and reliability that will keep their children safe. Ford
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